REG LAB is a member based “laboratory” for regional economic development.

It is 100% financed by more than 100 member organisations from across government levels, academia, training, business service, consultancies and clusters. Joint together by a common interest in regional development, economic and innovation policy.

REG LAB was initiated in 2004 and is a not-for-profit, non-political association striving to create a unique space for mutual learning, debate and networking; Learning from the best and pushing the boundaries for what we can do if we work together as a team.

Activities include:

Seminars, workshops, conferences focusing on current issues. A neutral meeting place for shared learning without the usual hierarchies and political issues.

Agenda setting “analyses”. Organised as multistakeholder learning projects, co-funded by members. REG LAB-analyses should involve good practice from Denmark and beyond; practical learning for individual members plus policy recommendations.

One-to-one dialogue with members on current issues. Feedback on drafts and ideas (strategies, initiatives etc.)

Dissemination of analyses etc. Conferences, councils, round tables, workshops.

Networking: Matchmaking among members. Identifying relevant partners. Supporting knowledge sharing and networking.

REG LABs News letter. 9-10 annually.

REG RADAR. Systematised communication of new initiatives and publications within 5 core themes.

REG LABs mission: REG LABs mission is to strengthen knowledge, competencies and networking in regional economic development.

REG LABs vision: REGLAB is an important knowledge bank for organisations working for regional economic development. REGLAB is aiming to influence the agenda in discussions on future regional economic development policy.


For more information, contact REG LAB:

CEO Kresten Olesen
Njalsgade 76
2300 København S

Telephone: +45 2266 8427
E-mail: info@reglab.dk